What is Djinn Development

The purpose of this site is to not only showcase the work and experience of Trevor Geene, but also to serve as a way to contact me for receiving development services. While this site currently is lacking in work to show off my skills; it is my goal for 2021 to build useful tools and fun experiments on this site that even people who do not seek my work will hopefully enjoy.

What services do I offer?

For those seeking web services, below is a small list of things that I can offer, but as we full stack web developer I can build just about anything you might need a website to be able to do.

  • Consulting Services
    • Backend & Frontend Technology Selection
    • Database Architecture Creation
    • Search Engine Optimization Analysis
  • Freelance Services
    • Server Setup & Management
    • Develop Responsive Websites
    • Build Restful API Systems
    • Create Custom Web Applications

What are some of the projects I have worked on?

Having worked mostly for mostly web firms, I have and the opportunity to work on a lot of different types of websites and applications during my career. Over the last 10 years I build dozens of WordPress sites, a few tour reseller websites, a recipes' management application, several eCommerce sites, and so much more.